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GN Tempesta 1.0 Gloves 1500

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The Tempesta 1500 Batting Glove is designed specifically for the highest level of cricket, catering to the demands of Test cricketers facing the world’s fastest bowlers.

A fusion of traditional finger design and a V-cut multi-section design sets the Tempesta 1500 glove apart as a popular choice among players who seek the best. This hybrid design offers optimal flexibility, allowing for maximum manoeuvrability at the crease and high-end protection.

The Tempesta 1500 glove boasts a cutting-edge quad-layer construction for unrivalled protection. Key fingers are fortified with a curved 3D fibre shield, which provides superior defence against impacts. The glove also incorporates ultra-light HDF (High-Density Foam), diffuser foam, and a layer of high-impact PU foam to ensure comprehensive protection. 

The Tri-Zone Pro Shield technology offers complete side bar protection for both hands. Utilizing a combination of EVA, fibre shield, and gel materials, the Tempesta 1500 glove provides unparalleled protection against potential injuries.

Constructed with premium PU, the Tempesta 1500 glove exemplifies durability and longevity. The palm is made from premium leather, ensuring a superior grip for enhanced control. The double-sided sweatband effectively absorbs perspiration, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your innings. 

Elevate your game to new heights with the Tempesta 1500 Batting Glove. Used and trusted by England star Zak Crawley, these gloves combine advanced technology, superior protection, and exceptional craftsmanship. Step onto the field with the confidence of a professional, knowing you have the best equipment at your disposal.


  • Playing Level: Test.
  • Features: Hybrid design: Combination of traditional finger and V cut multi section design -
  • A popular players choice.
  • Protection Features: Quad-layer: Curved 3D fibre shield on key fingers, ultra light HDF, diffuser foam and layer of high impact PU foam.
  • Side Bar Protection: Tri-Zone pro shield: EVA, fibre shield and gel on both hands.
  • Materials: Premium PU, premium leather palm, double sided sweat band.


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