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Aero P1 Chest Guard

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  • Traditionally cricketers think that chest protection is only for those fearful, skinny, unskilled batsmen who can't handle it, or for the professional players who play against and train under the toughest of circumstances.
  • However lots play and practice on bouncy artificial wickets and the widespread use of bowling machines it is now possible and probable that even school and club players will simulate and practice short pitch bowling at higher speeds to hone their skills.
  • The chest protector that doesn't stay in place, which is heavy or bulky in shape, too tight or too stiff, hot and uncomfortable, will in the end be counterproductive to wear. Nearly all cricketers do not use the current chest protection because of this.
  • That's why old style chest protectors are not worth using and only a handful of cricketers wear them in matches. A few cricketers have one in the bottom of their bags but don't wear them regularly. Or when the extreme situation arises the one bloke with one in the team lets everybody wear it! So even though chest protection is an increasingly important part of the performance gear for the game and the practice sessions of the keen cricketer the current designs don't deliver.
  • So chest protection is an increasingly important part of the performance gear for the game and the practice sessions of the keen cricketer. AERO's lightweight slim profile multiple layered chest protector with a unique holster design and reversible shape delivers this in a balanced way.
  • Size: M, S, L


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