Collection: Meet the Mad Dogs


The original Mad Dog and the inspiration for our brand name. Toffee was a Chocolate Labrador who loved long walks, lots of food and lots of love. Even though she was barking mad, Toffee was always an amazing companion and always the first to comfort you if the day didn't go your way.


Suki is a rescue dog from the RSPCA and is a variation of a Parsons Terrier. Suki loves to play and loves to snuggle up next to her human mother by the fire in the evening. Whilst she is bonkers, Suki does have amazing caring side and a potent "mothering" instinct.


Named "Indiana Bones", Indi is an ex racing Greyhound from Ireland. She took to the house life ever so well after her whole life being spent in a kennel in-between races. Indi enjoyed spaghetti, sleeping on her own sofa and being stroked or having her ears scratched.


The newest addition to the Mad Dog house is our puppy dog Monty. He is a Black Labrador who adores cuddles, playtime and exploring the world. Everything to little Monty is a toy, or something to be torn apart. Unfortunately, however, Monty is allergic to most foods, so he has to be kept on a hyper-allergenic diet


Bertie is a very cute 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier who loves giving kisses, wagging his bottom and snuggling under the duvet in the master bed. Hes cute and he knows it!


Stanley is a 2 year old fluffy samoyed, who barks a lot and is very loud. He loves cuddles, however his long white fur gets everywhere!