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Mitre Calico Match Plus Football

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The IMS Approved Mitre Calcio Match Plus match football is a great alternative for the Ultimatch Plus with the only difference being the graphic

This ball is Mitre's mid level match ball suitable for clubs and schools. The Calcio Match Plus is available in size 4 & 5 and has a striking Blue/White Graphic. This ball is still constructed using the revolutionary Hyperseam technology and will not take on water, making it one of the best value match balls around. As the quality improves through the range so does the outer cover, on the Calcio Match Plus ball the outer is enhanced to an impressive 1mm PU outer which gives the user enhanced durability and improved feel.

Along with the improved cover, Mitre has introduced a new textured design and graphics on the 20 panel ball. Under this comes a 4.5mm hyperfoam backing which is proven to improve player technique and confidence. IMS applies to size 5 ball only

Please take extra care when inflating your ball, always use Mitre Gylcerine to lubricate the needle prior to inflating the ball. DO NOT use spit or water to lubricate the needle as this is abrasive and rubber repels water so, the needle will not become lubricated and can often cause damage to the bladder or valve.


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