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D3 Rigid Strapping Tape

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Rigid Strapping Tape emerges as the ally for all sport enthusiasts needing an extra layer of support for their joints. This robust tape is the perfect blend of rayon and cotton, offering extreme strength without limiting movement. Thanks to its premium zinc-oxide adhesive, once applied, it remains firmly in place, providing unwavering support during high-stress activities and impact sports.

Key Features::

  • Composed of a premium rayon-cotton blend for extreme strength without stretch
  • Uses a premium zinc-oxide adhesive for durability - once it sticks, it stays on
  • Hypoallergenic and latex-free, minimising the risk of skin irritation
  • Hand-tearable for easy use, no scissors required
  • Zig-zag edges to increase adhesiveness
  • Designed for high-stress activities and impact sports

The strength of the Rigid Strapping Tape doesn't stop there. It is entirely latex-free and hypoallergenic, making it friendly to all skin types and lowering the chance of causing skin rashes. No need for scissors when using this tape - it's hand-tearable, providing quick and effortless application whenever it's needed.


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